By acquiring Schaffelaarbos, the German group Symrise prepares its expansion in the pet food industry in Europe.

The acquisition will be completed later in January. Symrise will enlarge ist production facilitiy through Schaffelaarbos site in The Netherlands.

Symrise can now count 12 facilites, thereof 11 located in the US, since the company acquired ADF/IDF and IsoNova in 2019.

“By bringing the two leading experts in the sector together, we will expand our product range in the area of high-quality protein from eggs, enhancing at the same time further our value proposition in Taste, Nutrition and Health,” said Jean-Yves Parisot from the Symrise Executive Board.

From January to September in 2021, the company could record a 10 per-cent-increase regarding organic sales from €1,646 million ($1,751M) to €1,752 million ($1,984M).

Schaffelaarbos registers an amount of around €25 million ($28,3M) in sales each year.. By signing a joint venture worth €15 million ($17M), the Dutch company could plan on establishing a new production site in Turkey.

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