International pet food brands stop service in Russia. Local industry tries to impede this bringing all 70 million pets to minds.

On 21st March, the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselhoznadzor) meets with a delegation of Russian pet food manufacturers to speak about how to substitute missing import goods.

In an open letter to the international pet industry, Zooinform, in accordance with the Russian pet industry, pointed out, that the industry deplores the Russian invasion in the Ukraine.

“Each of us makes his or her own decisions. You are making yours. And we respect any of them. We will appreciate it if you choose not to stop pet product supplies to Russia. All 70 million pets in Russia need your products,” it reads.

“Pets are not involved in politics, they are not responsible for conflicts or wrong decisions made by somebody else and they should not suffer because of those decisions.”

Mars, one of the leading pet food brands, already anunnciated the company’s stop of operations import and export. Furthermore, Mars will not make any new investments in Russia and stop any online activities. Nestlé also announced the suspension of any more investments.

Until now, 300 Western brands from several industries stated they stop operations in the country. This also increases pressure on other companies especially pet food companies that did not make representations so far. According to insiders of the industry, the pet stores will run out of stock in the next 2 to 3 months.

Since the start of Russian invasion, the pet food prices in stores raised between 25% and 40%. Due to a suspension of shipping to Russia from big companies like Ocean Network Express, Hapag Lloyd, and Maersk, also the delivery costs highly increased.

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