Multiple companies, like Kormotech, KIKA, Jollyes and Mackle, join forces to rescue animals in war zone.

Ukrainian pet food manufacturer Kormotech started an iniative to find out the needs of pet owners, zoos and shelters, while others send food or different help.

“Our pets are like children. They also need to be saved from the war”, said Olesia Kukharchyshyn from Kormotech to GlobalPETS.

According to the company, animals became victims of bomb attacks. “A lot of animals remain abandoned in the streets, and shelters are on the verge of survival.”

Currently, the company support with its own stock, but already warned, that they will need finanical and physical aid “very soon”. Therefore, it was established an online form for supporter.

The pet store chain KIKA will send help to Ukraine too.

“We set up help points on the Ukrainian border with Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, where we meet refugees with pets and provide them with the necessary equipment, such as – feed, bowls, bearings, blankets,” reads a LinkedIn post from CEO Janita J. Plunge.

At this time, the company is bringing pet food to Lviv to distribute to bigger cities.

Supporting people fleeing with their pets, Northern Ireland’s producer Jollyes and Mackle donated 5,000 tons of wet food and tonnes of dry food.

The United Nations (UN) estimates that 1 million civilians have fled Ukraine, a lot of them with their pets.

According to the United Nations (UN), around one million people left Ukraine already, a great amount oft hem have taken their pets.

Usually, there are high restrictions for taking pets in the EU territory, but the European Commission begged the States to let the refugees enter with their pets.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Foundation provides daily news on the situation.

The volunteer organzation UAnimals started to rescue animals left behind providing money for food for animals in the shelters.

“Unfortunately, logistics in Ukraine are extremely complicated. We continue to collect aid and transfer money to shelters,” the association said on their website. UAnimals could support 30 shelters in Ukraine until February 28th.

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