Rachel Mooney was appointed Chief People Officer at Pets at Home effective from October. She formerly worked at Google and Vodafone and held the position of Chief People Officer at Monzo and Snow software.

Mooney has a Bachelor degree in Psychology, a Master of Science in Applied Neuroscience, and an MBA in Organizational Change and Innovation. Through her jobs, she could gain experience in acquisition, leadership, and organization.

“I am delighted to be joining the Pets at Home team and being part of an exciting and growing business that is centered on the well-being and welfare of our wonderful animal friends and their owners,” said Rachel Mooney.

CEO Lyssa McGowan stated, that Rachel Mooney will become a “huge asset”.

“We are incredibly lucky to have amazing colleagues across the business who live and breathe our special Pets culture, and with Rachel’s guidance, we will continue to build a supportive and inclusive environment where our colleagues can truly thrive.”

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