Since the launch in 2019, Purina’s start-up accelerator Unleashed could aid 18 pet supplies start-ups so far. At the moment, Purina is preparing the 4th edition of Unleashed.

On March 16, Unleashed will hold a networking event in Linz (Austria) collecting founders and investors from the pet industry from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Unleashed hopes to build a community for start-ups exchanging technology knowledge about technology and innovation.

The director of Purina Central Region, Hubert Wieser, says: “With Unleashed, we are expanding our ecosystem of all things pet and developing the sector together. The aim of our event in Linz is to offer start-ups a platform and facilitate an exchange with investors wishing to invest in pet-tech companies.”

Tractive, an Austrian company specialized in dog and cat safety, will host the first Unleashed Pet Tech meet-ups. Tractive was founded in 2012 and could serve around 1 million customers with its GPS tracker.

Founder, investor and CEO of Tractive Michael Hurnaus wants to talk about his experience: “I know from my own experience how important it is to have mentors at your side to lend support on the exciting journey to founding a company – financial support, but also know-how and their network.”

Next to Hurnaus and Wieser, JamJar Investments‘ investor Ella Wales Bonner will attend the event. JamJar is the most active investor in Great Britain concerning consumer brands e.g. Deliveroo, Oatly, Toney’s Chocolonely and

Until 31 January, start-ups and investors that want to attend the networking event can apply at According to Purina, applicants from the Unleashed Pet Tech community and the German-speaking countries will be prioritizied.

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