According to a new study by UK marketplace Pets4Homes, the demand for new pets has declined by 42% compared to the previous year measured at the searches (2022: 3.5 million; 2021: 4.4 million).

The demand has dropped back to the level before pandemic. The company does not forcast a high demand or a price increase this year.
While dogs are still the most popular pet (63% of purchasers interested), rabbits could record the biggest increase (108%). 15% of all buyers were interested in cats, 4.5% in rodents and 4% in birds.

In 2021, around 40% of breeders breeded for the first time compared to 31% in 2022.

The price trend slowly develops to the new normality again. In the last 12 months, the price for dog adopting increased from ££876 (€1,016 / $1,078) to £2,237 (€2,594 / $2,753). Customers can now respire, the price for a dog or puppy amounted to £1,329 (€1,541 / $ 1,635). The same trend is to be watched with cat adoption prices.

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