As a leader in the Pet food field, communication is vital for you. So you want to publish your news in press articles regularly and even for free? This is possible on Pay attention to a journalistic style and choose a matter of some interest and there will be no investment in the publishing process from your side. Free published and a platform which easily addresses your potential partners and customers. Who could want a better communication instrument to reach liked-minded involved parties in the pet food branch ? Learn more about this opportunity, PetFoodNation and the requirements of a press release in general.

What is PetFoodNation?

#PetFoodNation and the platform publish press releases from companies busy in various pet food sectors. It can make companies voices in the pet food industry be heard with news of all kinds but not only in the way of blogs, editorials, or advertisements.

Classic press releases are demanded here in our newsroom. They offer a maximum of information without just posing a marketing opinion. For this, #PetFoodNation provides a platform to the whole branch as valid and reliable source of information. More and more companies turn to #PetFoodNation and its #newsroom to know more. And you get more information here and not just slogans.

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What kind of texts can be freely published on #PetFoodNation?

The focus of the texts accepted by #PetFoodNation for free lies in a certain style typically used in press releases. A press release does not come with hokum, puffery, and scrollwork. It is a kind of objective information answering certain questions in a structured way. So, same as for similar professional platforms, be prepared for the journalistic style and follow “Associated Press Stylebook” guidelines. This offers the blueprint for a sophisticated press release in the pet industry. Compared to a typical advertisement or editorial press releases, this let the readers themselves decide whether a product is the latest, best, and most wanted by just providing decent information on the subject.

A few questions which matter in an inverted pyramid

Proper information in a press release answers questions such as: W-ho,W-hat, W-hen, W-here, W-hy and How? – These are the legendary 5 W’s of a professional press release. Of course, there are many variations thinkable with these questions depending on circumstances. Questions can also go for future effects of certain developments, for concerns and affections of participating people or events in the past. Experts in journalistic writing know the inverted pyramid as the crucial pattern to structure press releases. The most important information must be presented first in press releases. It is also advisable to use the first sentence or paragraph to summarize the content of the whole text. To the writer, it means to take a strong lead and to make the point clear at the very beginning. Either the reader is caught by the first sentence and his interest could be roused from the start on or he will be lost anyway. So as many of the 5 W’s and their answers as possible should be in the first sentence of the press release.

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How to place press releases on PetFoodNation?

If you are a player in the pet food business, you can publish certain of your press releases on #PetFoodNation. There is a decision process in advance of publishing because not all of the press releases handed in getting published. The press release should fit into the portfolio of PFN and be of interest to our readers.

If you want to go for consideration with a free published pet food article, submit your copy to #PetFoodNation.

You can E-mail you text directly by clicking the button below:

This is a great opportunity to place valid information from your company on a platform that directly addresses the market. Highly valued for its dispassionate style PFN has many constant readers in the pet food market. There is no better way to get information to and about other players in the industry.

So, if you are ready for the journalistic style of press releases, here is free publishing for you on

Build EurAsian partnerships ❤️ on people and then on businesses. 💵