By signing the EU Code of Conduct and releasing a paper on the renewable energy directive, FEDIAF showed its commitment to environmental sustainability.

The EU Code of Conduct mirrors the goals of the 2020 Farm to ForkStrategy and the European Green Deal as well as global sustainability goals like the UN sustainable development goals. First willing to sign the Code were the members of the FEDIAF Environmental Sustainability Working Group. FEDIAF s now committed to the aspirational objectives and needs to follow the Code’s obligations like propagating the Code among ist members. Furthermore, FEDIAF will write an annual report reflecting its activities and communication with stakeholders and policy-makers.

In February, FEDIAF published the Position Paper on the Revision of the Renewable Energy Directive saying yes to the climate package and the use of renewable energy across all sectors. The paper enhanced the importance to warrant coherence with existing policies like circular economy and food security since the EU makes great progess in decarbonizing transport.

In detail, the paper emphasized three points. First, essential pet food materials (like Category 3 by-products) shall not be used as biofuels. Second, t found out social and environmental sustainability problems using category 3 animal fats and biofuels. And third, it pointed out the need of regulation eligibility of feedstock through the renewable energy legislation.

Link to publication:

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