Are we on the verge of witnessing the debut of pioneering pet food products crafted from lab-grown meat?

Shannon Falconer, the visionary behind BioCraft Pet Nutrition, a leading biotech company, recently shared a YouTube video on her LinkedIn profile showcasing an 18-year-old male cat savoring food derived from cultured mouse cells. Within her LinkedIn post, Falconer alludes to the imminent market introduction of this innovative product.

The rebranding of the company to BioCraft Pet Nutrition in May of this year, as reported by Vegconomist, a prominent vegan business magazine, underscores a strategic shift. BioCraft has made a resolute commitment to spearheading the integration of cultured meat into the pet product landscape, encompassing comprehensive involvement in research, development, infrastructure, and collaborations with pet food manufacturers. This strategic pivot led to the discontinuation of plant-based products under the previous Because Animals brand by the close of 2022. While divesting associated recipes and provisional patents, BioCraft retained exclusive intellectual property rights related to cultured meat.

In a proactive move to expedite product development, BioCraft has enlisted the expertise of Dr. Theresa Rothenbücher, formerly affiliated with the vegan start-up Revo Foods, appointing her as the chief product officer.

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