Pets at Home, the UK’s pet store chain, has provided a trading update for the 12-week period ending on January 4. During this timeframe, customer revenue saw a notable uptick, increasing by 6.0% compared to the previous year and a significant 15.4% over a two-year span. In the third quarter, the company recorded group sales of £362.4 million (approximately 424.1 million euros), marking a 4.3% increase, with like-for-like revenue (LFL) showing a robust growth of 4.4%.

In the same quarter, retail sales experienced a 3.5% boost, and LFL revenue demonstrated a 3.7% rise. However, the trading statement highlights that these positive increments fell slightly below the company’s initial expectations.

Remarkably, the Vet Group witnessed a substantial surge in sales, registering a remarkable 13.4% increase, while like-for-like revenue mirrored this growth at 13.3%.

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