Camlist, a platform where users can upload videos of their pets they’d like to sell, plans on developping and expanding its reach in the UK. Sellers and buyers are able to get in touch via video or text chat.

So far the online marketplace is specialised in pets but it is trying to expand to different subjects:

“Classifieds, or peer to peer commerce in general, has been stuck in the same old way of operation since eBay showed up. There has not been real significant innovation ever since; it’s just listings, maybe some images and phone numbers,” said Camlist co-founder and CEO officer, Moustafa Mahmoud.

“But at Camlist we are changing that. We are turning the marketplace into a video experience because every pre-owned item has a story.”

Mahmoud emphasizes the interest of the company to offer a safe and easy way to adopt a pet by demanding after health checks and providing interest free financing. Camlist helped to give over 6,000 pets a new home.

“Our in-app GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) has been growing 100% every two quarters, so we’re doubling every quarter, and our total GMV is around $2 million a month,” said Mahmoud.

The company founded in Dubai plans to expand to the US too.

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