After noticing an increasing demand, JoJo Pets is now planning a nationwide expansion to Thailand and Singapore. Founder Kim Chin Seow has established the company facing his “pain points” in transporting pets. JoJo Pets increased by 100% in around 12 months.

Pursuant to the founder, pet taxi services are “booming” in the country. Compared to freelancers transporting pets, JoJo Pets is the “only dedicated professional taxi-hailing service for pets in the country.”

“However, we’re facing a shortage of trained pet drivers. We only engage with drivers who are passionate about the role, those who love dealing with animals, and individuals who aren’t afraid to clean up after pets,” he stated towards GlobalPETS from Kuala Lumpur.

JoJo Pets provides a “premium experience”. “Pet parents in Malaysia are willing to spend big money on professional pet taxi experiences. There are an estimated 5,000 grooming stores and 1,200 vets in Malaysia, and traveling to them can be challenging for pets,” he said.

Pet owners even utilize the app to bring their pets to parks, cafés, and hotels. “We see a big need for our services,” he commented.

Soew thinks that the demand will keep on rising. That is why, JoJo Pets intends to expand its services nationwide. Currently, its pet taxi service is available for customers in central and south Malaysia, but it shall be extended to North Malaysia in the second half of the year.

He continued, “2022 proved this concept [is lucrative], and I see us building on this further in 2023. We also have plans to expand to either Singapore or Thailand in the year.”

Regarding its plans, the company is conducting an A-series funding round at the moment.

JoJo Pets attaches importance to the training of its employees to become professional pet-handling drivers. “We provide drivers with two training programs: one, on pet categories, breeds, and behaviors. The second is more comprehensive training [covering] pet handling, emergency first aid instructions, safety equipment, and wounded animal handling,” Seow commented.

All pet taxis include with a pet-friendly sanitizer, washable seat covers, thick powder, air ventilation systems as well as with a dashboard and pet cameras to observe the tour.

Pet owners may order a taxi via the JoJo Pets app in “matter of seconds” and immediately receive a confirmation. The company is excellently integrated partnering with more than 100 pet industry companies primarily pet clinic, grooming stations, and hotels.

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