According to surveys by the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC), the US pet food and treat industry produces 300 million lbs of plastic waste per year. That is why, many producers have already reduced their plastic waste having shifted to recyclable plastics. Current recycling steams, though, complicate the recycling. For this reason, some manufacturers have decided to use metal-based packaging instead of plastic materials.

The German company Doothie by Petcura GmbH has switched to metal packagings. Doothie was established in 2022 and is a liquid supplement or “smoothie” for dogs available in four varieties. After the company had decided to help dogs, it tried to find a way not to cause a great amount of environmental pollution.

Therefore, Doothie has partnered with Trivium Packaging, a global packaging producer focused on metal-based materials. Doothie fully trusted Trivium to develop a recyclable packaging suitable for its liquid supplements.

“Metal recycles forever,” said Robert Hukshorn, Trivium’s director of sales. “There are big differences between the number of times different materials can be recycled. Some, like plastics, can only be recycled a limited number of times before they degrade and have to be permanently discarded. Some types of packaging, like brick or liquid cartons, are composites made up of different types of materials. Even though each component can technically be recycled, it is virtually impossible, or not economically viable, to separate and recycle the individual components.”

The company can provide different metal-based packaging suitable for any kind of food. “Studies show more and more consumers are looking for sustainable packaging, and more importantly, refusing to buy products in packaging that is harmful to the environment,” Hukshorn said. “According to the 2023 Buying Green Report, 66% of consumers consider themselves to be environmentally aware. Seventy-one percent have chosen a product in the last six months based on its sustainability credentials and 79% are looking for products in sustainable packaging.”

“We want to drive innovation that matters, but we know we can’t do it alone,” he continued. “It’s important to us to partner with customers from initial concept to product launch to constantly develop new solutions that make a difference.”

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