The flexible packaging producer Coveris has presented its new subsector „ReCover“ in order to contribute to circular plastics recycling. The new segment will help Coveris and other enterprises to find sustainable solutions operating as separate unit.

The goal is to build up a recycling system starting with waste sourcing, processing and develop a new packaging.

“With ReCover, we have launched a game-changing process — unique within the entire industry,” explained Coveris‘ CEO Jakob A. Mosser. “With several high-impact projects in the pipeline, we are aiming at establishing a stand-alone business nit in the next couple of years, entirely dedicated to circular economy and closing the loop. ReCover is a platform for all mechanical recycling activities but also leads our developments to achieve food contact compliant materials.”

In order to extend its recycling capabilities, the company has taken over a new production plant as well as assets from the British polyethylene recycler Capital Valley Plastics (CVP). The new modern facility can process 20,000 tons per year.

“The newly acquired Blaenavon site and assets will serve as an important recycling hub for Coveris’ Films and Flexibles operations, closing the loop for customers and for our own film production across the network,” Mosser continued. “This new recycling acquisition marks a perfect start for our new company ReCover and our quest to continuously enhance our recycling offers to our customers, truly closing the loop and bringing us closer to our vision of no waste.”

Coveris’s overall goal is to fight environmental pollution and making its customers aware of the importance of sustainability. The company offers a range of different sized recyclable packaging for pet industry.

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