The Malaysian insect – based protein manufacturer Nutrition Technologies is the first company from Malaysia to obtain the approval for importing into the European Union (EU).

In 2022, Canada, Malaysia, Switzerland, South Korea and the UK were entitled to export insects as well as insect – based products to the EU. Following, the Ministry of Agriculture in Malaysia authorized Nutrition Technologies to dispatch its insect meal and oil as feed ingredient for aquafeed, animal and pet food to the EU and the UK.

The company produces and offers insect protein meal, oil and frass (insect droppings) in order to support feeding the increasing agriculture and feed industries worldwide. They grow a special tropical species of black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) which is able to grow fast and efficiently in Malaysian climate. Nutriton Technologies uses a conjecture of beneficial microbes in a model that needs low energy and produces zero waste to breed the insects. Since the larvae are only fed with vegetables and agro-industrial materials, the complete meal correspond to EU regulations Furthermore, the factory is GMP and HACCP certified, so that the products can be used for aquatic and animal feed as well as pet food.

According to the company, the permission supports the fast growing insect-based pet food industry in Europe as well as provides a new sustainable protein source to aquafeed producers. Overall, it is a great driver to boost Malaysian economy. At the moment, the company is shipping its material from its factory covering 2 hectare across Asia and South America.

By now, Nutrition Technologies has partnered with pet food producer Pet World Nutritions as well as animal welfare association SPCA in Selangor in order to lauch a project bringing the first sustainable commercial dog food made of BSFL to Malaysian market. The partnership intends to advance the use of BSFL in such commercial products and to provide awareness training of the benefits. They aim to push sustainable living in Malaysia incuding the reduction of carbon footprint and the support for communities through the Cause for the Stray campaign.

Currently, Malaysia is producing around 38,000 tons of food waste which could be converted to insect meal protein for pet food by BSFL production.

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