Nugape Pet Food, a Spanish pet food manufacturer, has unveiled its latest brand, Danna Pet Food, with a focus on the premium pet market. The new brand aims to cater to both cats and dogs by offering specialized formulas. Emphasizing a commitment to quality, Danna Pet Food’s slogan, “True to quality,” highlights its dedication to maintaining high standards across its product range to contribute to the overall well-being of pets. The brand will provide customized formulas based on factors such as breed, size, physical condition, and specific nutritional needs.

Danna Pet Food currently features two product lines: Grain Free and Supreme. The Grain Free line offers complete and balanced diets without the inclusion of any grains, while the Supreme line boasts formulas without genetically modified organisms (GMOs), aiming to minimize the risk of food intolerances and allergies, as communicated by Nugape.

All formulations consist of premium natural ingredients to ensure optimal digestibility and palatability. Nugape stresses the inclusion of a substantial level of vitamins in their products to enhance pets’ immunological protection.

Formulated by a team of nutrition specialists, each Danna Pet Food diet draws on Nugape’s extensive two decades of experience in pet food manufacturing. Operating in over 40 countries, Nugape runs a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Vilanova de Arousa, equipped with advanced technology. The company holds multiple certifications, including the IFS Food certification, assuring the quality and safety of Danna Pet Food products. The facility ensures thorough traceability monitoring throughout the entire production process, from recipe development to the final product.

Danna Pet Food will be accessible through Nugape’s well-established distribution channels.

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