Nugape Pet Food, a Spanish pet food producer, announced on December 7 that it has been awarded a significant quality and safety certification by the International Featured Standards (IFS). This certification, typically used for human food products, underscores the company’s dedication to ensuring safety, quality, and traceability in the production of dog and cat food, according to Nugape. The auditing process for the IFS Food certification was rigorous and conducted by independent representatives of AENOR, a local certification firm, covering areas such as governance, quality, safety, resource management, operations, and product analysis.

In Northwestern Spain, Nugape’s manufacturing facility produces a variety of pet food products under brands like Cebican, Sandegal, Danna, and Dousti. These products are exported to more than 40 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

To guarantee product safety and quality, Nugape utilizes advanced analysis technologies like NIR spectroscopy, and the company is committed to sourcing raw materials locally. This certification is part of Nugape’s broader initiatives aimed at expanding capacity and enhancing environmental sustainability. Recently, the company introduced a new packaging line capable of producing 1,200 bags per hour, contributing to its goal of reaching an annual production capacity of 120,000 tons of pet food.

In the realm of sustainability, Nugape is actively engaged in implementing two environmentally friendly upgrades: the incorporation of heat pumps to reduce gas usage and CO2 emissions, and the installation of 5,000 square meters (approximately 53,820 square feet) of photovoltaic panels for renewable solar energy.

Nugape has also secured the IFS Global Market certification as part of its ongoing commitment to maintaining high-quality and safety standards.

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