Assisi Pet Care Group Ltd, a British company specializing in pet supplies, has officially acquired Burns Pet Nutrition, a pet food manufacturer founded by John Burns over 30 years ago. Renowned for its diverse range of dry and moist dog food, as well as a recently introduced line for cats, Burns Pet Nutrition is undergoing a change in leadership as its founder, John Burns, prepares for retirement.

Peter Mangion, the visionary behind Assisi Pet Care and its CEO, expressed satisfaction in integrating Burns into the Assisi brand portfolio. This strategic acquisition has resulted in an expansion of personnel across critical areas such as product development, marketing, sales, and finance. Additionally, it encompasses the inclusion of a facility situated in Kidwelly, Wales.

Assisi sought professional advice from Clarion (legal), Alvarez and Marsal (finance), and TAP (tax) throughout the transaction, while Burns received guidance from Lexington (corporate finance), DJM (legal), and Bevan Buckland LLP (tax).

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