The organizations of the algae (EABA), yeast (COFALEC) and insect production sector (IPIFF) get together to support the increase  of protein production in th EU:

The organizations published a plan focussing four main pillars:

#1 Unlocking regulatory opportunities
#2 Facilitating access to green investment
#3 Supporting R&D efforts
#4 Developing joint promotion/communication activities

“The scientific evidence from past years provides promising directions to raise awareness around the nutritional and environmental benefits of alternative proteins – and along with other sectors active in the production of such new proteins, we are committed to addressing possible challenges”, mentioned IPIFF’s second vice-President, Antoine Hubert.

“All three sectors have expressed their commitment to strengthen their partnership to further explore the nutritional and environmental benefits associated with these innovative solutions – especially in the context of EU funded research”, explained IPIFF’s first vice-President, Aman Paul.

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