Nestlé Purina has recently disclosed a substantial investment of approximately HUF 90 billion (equivalent to $245.4 million USD) to bolster its pet food capabilities in Hungary. This includes the establishment of two new facilities, elevating Nestlé Purina’s cumulative investment in Bük to HUF 268 billion (translating to $730.6 million USD).

This strategic move will enable Purina to augment the production capacity of its pet food factory by nearly 100,000 tons, reaching a total of 250,000 tons. To complement this expanded facility, Purina will incorporate 100 new robots, significantly enhancing automation processes, and will lead to the creation of 280 new job opportunities within the region.

Péter Noszek, the Chief Executive Officer of Nestlé Hungária Ltd., emphasized “As one of the largest employers in the region, the Nestlé Purina factory in Bük will create more than 500 new jobs in the city between 2020 and 2025, thanks to its vigorous development and continuous investments. The development does not stop with the factories equipped with automated production lines and using technology that is also unique in the world, the construction continues.”

Purina reports that its Bük facility currently exports 95% of its products, significantly contributing to Hungary’s position as the 13th largest global producer of pet food. Moreover, the plant actively collaborates with domestic suppliers, with nearly 50% of its raw materials sourced from Hungarian companies.

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