In Helsinki, Musti Group took action on November 16, recalling two of its grain-free pet food formulas due to an investigation into pet illnesses. The company identified a high concentration of glycoalkaloids from foreign potato flakes in these products.

From the beginning of November, Musti Group has been actively collaborating with the Finnish Food Authority, veterinarians, and ingredient suppliers to pinpoint the cause of adverse reactions in pets. Extensive lab tests on both raw materials and the final food formulas uncovered elevated glycoalkaloid levels in imported potato flakes, a crucial ingredient in the pet food.

David Rönnberg, CEO of Musti Group, explained, “ We have only used this specific batch of foreign potato flakes in the recipes of these two foods, and we by no means want to take any risks while waiting for results from laboratory analysis. This is why we have decided to withdraw these product batches.”

In response to the findings, the company recalled its SMAAK Adult Grain-Free Fish for Dogs and SMAAK Adult Grain-Free Chicken for Cats formulas. Prior to the recall, around 1,400 bags of these formulas were sold, with the majority in Finland. Musti reported that most of the recalled products were already halted at warehouses and retail outlets before reaching consumers.

Glycoalkaloids lack established feed limits in the European Union, and European suppliers do not routinely measure glycoalkaloid levels in each batch. Musti has promptly enhanced self-monitoring at its pet food facility in Lieto, Finland, incorporating batch testing, and has terminated its collaboration with the supplier of the potato flakes.

Rönnberg expressed regret, stating, “We extend our apologies to all our customers, with a special acknowledgment to those whose pets experienced health issues. This should have never happened. We will do everything we can to restore our customers’ trust in us. This is also a wakeup call to the entire pet food industry, we should all push for established feed limits in the EU together with the European Food Authorities. Only then can we make sure that this can never happen again.”

Musti continues to collaborate with the Finnish Food Authority as official investigations progress and until all laboratory tests are concluded.

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