Maxi Zoo Ireland aimed to take over all stores and the online shop of Equipet effective from 1 November. In consequence of this acqusition Maxi Zoo Ireland now leads 29 stores with 285 employees and an online shop. Prior to this Equipet had eight stores with about 92 employees.

Equipet director Ian McCaffrey stated: “We are very proud of how Equipet has grown and become a successful company. We have achieved all of this with the great support and loyalty of our dedicated teams. It was very important to us that our brand and our teams, that we have built up over the past 15 years are in good hands. The vision and basic values ​​of the Fressnapf Group are a perfect fit for us and we know that our teams and markets will be well looked after and will continue to offer our customers exceptional service. ”

Sven Girmendonk, Regional Operations Officer of the Fressnapf Group, adds: “The takeover of Equipet makes us the clear leader in Ireland and we are becoming a true omni-channel player. We have great respect and recognition for the achievements of Equipet. Our goal will be to double our annual turnover of more than 30 million euros in the medium term and to build more than 50 locations in the future.”

Both companies agreed on leaving details oft he transaction sealed.

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