Mars Petcare announced the launch of a new wet pet food packaging consisting of recycled plastic materials in cooperation with SABIC and Huhtamaki. In 2022, the company’s SHEBA® brand will start the restructuring.
“We are pleased to share this progress in our sustainable petfood packaging journey,” said Barry Parkin, chief procurement and sustainability officer at Mars, Inc. “Over the past year, we have been closely working with SABIC and Huhtamaki, continually testing and learning and scaling up the recycled plastic content in our pet food packs. As part of our Sustainable in a Generation plan, we are committed to doing our part to help drive a circular economy, which includes redesigning our packages for circularity. The fact that we are now able to introduce recycled content into our SHEBA® pouches helps accelerate our journey to achieve 30% average recycled content in our plastic packaging and to reduce by 25% our use of virgin plastic.”
According to Mars Petcare, the used technology of advanced or chemical recycling is is “essential to help close the gap” in the journey for more circular plastics.
The new packaging contains ISCC PLUS certified recycled material. Mars Petcare benefits from both companys. According to its portfolio, SABIC is able to produce polypropylene from flexible plastic waste that is suitable for direct food contact. Huhtamaki is an expert in developing and manufacturing easy tear sterilizable polypropylene films.
“We are very pleased about the ongoing strategic efforts with Mars and Huhtamaki,” said Lada Kurelec, general manager of PP, PET, PS, PVC, PU and elastomers for petrochemicals at SABIC. “The transformation of the industry towards a circular economy requires unprecedented innovation and intensive collaboration across the value chain. Together, we have set another milestone on this exciting journey.”
The new packaging fits to Mars‘ goal to reduce its total environmental impact. Therefore the company made an investment of $1 billion in its Sustainable in a Generation Plan. The Mars brand Royal Canin also promised to become carbon neutral by 2025.
All over the world, big and small companys dealing with pet food and treats focus on using more environmentally friendly packaging.

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