Leading food and pet food companies like Mars Petcare and Nestlé Purina will join economic embargo an Russia.

“Our main focus and absolute priority is the safety of our employees in the region,” states Mars Petcare in a press release. Next to the 2 mio dollars already donated for help, the company now decided to add another 10 mio dollars for humanitarian aid. Being active in Russia for over 30 years with 6,000 employees, though Mars does not see itself in the position to continue operations like before. Mars decided to “scale back the business and concentrate our efforts in Russia on our key role in feeding the Russian population and their pets.” The company will use all profit from Russia for humanitarian purposes and decided to stop import, export and social media activities in Russia.

Nestlé also commits to support Ukrainian employees providing food packages, wage advantages, administrative and mental health aid. The company donated products to those in need in Ukraine, while it tries to meet the needs of Russian people where 7,000 people work for the company. Nestlé suspended any further investment as well as stopped the import and export except for basic food items and therapeutic pet food.

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