The factory of Kormotech was built to increase production figures and to better supply customers worldwide through improved logistics.
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Opening of this plant is a part of Kormotech’s global strategy. The ambitious goal is to be among the top 50 global companies of the industry by 2023. The company plans to increase own revenue and capitalization in three times to reach this goal.

Approximately 50 employees work in the new plant and the processes are 90% automated. Process automation is the main goal, there are some tasks performed by robots, similar to those in the automotive industry. According to Igor Paranyak, the production manager, this should help the company to reach an annual capacity of 20,000 tons per year in a short time.

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Kormotech Ltd. is a family owned manufacturer of cat and dog food in Ukraine. The company owns two dry and wet feed factories in the Lviv region and now also a plant in Kėdainiai, Lithuania.

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