Indutrade, an international technology and industrial business group, has completed the acquisition of ATLINE ApS, a Danish company specializing in engineering and manufacturing robotics for the pet food and animal feed sectors.

ATLINE is recognized for its expertise in automating and optimizing quality assurance processes in manufacturing, offering a flagship integrated laboratory solution to streamline and enhance manual processes in production. The company also delivers inline sampling tools, quality assurance reporting software, and various related services.

ATLINE discloses an annual sales figure of around DKK 40 million ($5.76 million USD).

Bo Annvik, the President and CEO of Indutrade, expressed the significance of the acquisition, stating, ““ATLINE has a strong portfolio of patented products and holds significant technical expertise within its business segment. It has also demonstrated the ability to grow organically in a sustainable and profitable way and has significant potential to expand to adjacent customer segments, making it a valuable addition to the Indutrade family.”

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