Aihtsham Rashid, an entrepreneur from Leeds, Yorkshire, is set to introduce Hurayra Halal Pet Food to the UK market, addressing a gap he noticed for natural, high-protein, and GMO- and preservative-free halal pet food options. Many Muslim pet owners, including Rashid himself, seek halal pet food as it aligns with their dietary practices and religious beliefs. This demand has been growing globally, as highlighted by the Islamic Services of America, emphasizing the importance of ethical and clean production methods. Rashid’s research reveals a substantial market with around 800,000 Muslim cat owners in the UK, most of whom are currently buying non-halal products due to limited options. To cater to this demand, Hurayra Halal Pet Food will offer initial flavors like tuna, ocean fish, and chicken for cats, along with options for kittens, all free from artificial additives and rich in essential nutrients.

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