Pet food producer Hill’s Pet Nutrition brings its own products with modified formula to the market. Furthermore, the products are wrapped in new packaging that display the product‘s advantages including a “simple” and “clean” design and food-specific QR codes.

The company added a feature that provides assistance for veterinarians giving advices to pet parents.

“Just having a rebranding is not enough, we need to build capabilities for a changing world,” said Colgate-Palmolive CEO Noel Wallace at the recent Consumer Analyst Group of New York Virtual Conference.

Hill’s will also change another 28 dry and 16 wet formulas where replacing pork fat with chicken fat is one main point. “This change brings the products in line with the rest of the portfolio and improves the consistency of product shelf life,” explained Dana Snipes, Director of Marketing and Innovation at Hill’s Pet Nutrition to GlobalPETS.

The taste enhancer ingredients oft he diet protfolio was also improved, so that the company can offer an “excellent tasting new product that is on par with the current formula” now.

The products are already available at the markets in Europe, the Middle East, and African countries and the United States while others will follow during the year.

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