Meal kit provider HelloFresh has made its first step into the pet food market. According to an announcement on 1 August, the company has launched its first premium pet food brand: The Pets Table. The brand will provide targeted, human-grade fresh and air dried dog food.

The launch of The Pets Table is an important step for HelloFresh’s aim to become the world’s leading, fully integrated food solutions group. HelloFresh will use its DTC expertise to support the brand.

“For 12 years, HelloFresh has been on a mission to change the way people eat forever,” said Laurent Guillemain, CEO of The Pets Table. “With the addition of The Pets Table, the company is aiming to change the way everyone eats forever. We’re thrilled to introduce The Pets Table and bring a healthy, convenient solution for pet parents. By leveraging HelloFresh’s world-class DTC proficiencies, the company is uniquely positioned to disrupt the market with a high-quality, yet affordable alternative to the pet food category.”

HelloFresh expects pet food to perfectly fit into a DTC business model since pet parents favour delivery services for pet nutrition purchases. Statista discovered the pet food online share to increase 20% by 2025.

“After personally witnessing issues with the current pet food options for my own dog, my co-founders and I decided to use our experiences to solve the problems that pet parents face when feeding on a daily basis,” Guillemain continued.

The Pets Table will use the manufacturing facilities and network of HelloFresh.

At this point in time, the brand only offers dog food providong four plans that pet owners can customize for their pets by conducting a quiz on their dog’s breed, size, weight etc.

The brand contains Fresh, Air-Dried, Mixed, and Half of Fresh plans. All foods contain superfoods, postbiotics and vitamin A to support dog’s health. The meals have different taste and proteins so each consumer will find something suitable.

Furthermore, the company aimed to create an affordable solution for dog parents. Prices range from $0.99 to $1.65 per meal.

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