Good Dog Food has raised £3.6 million ($4.5 million USD) in a seed funding round under participation of Agronomics, Siddhi Capital, Agronomics‘ executive director Jim Mellon, and others.

Agronomics now holds 8,768 shares and about 42.4% of the company after investing £1 million ($1.3 million USD). Executive director Mellon has invested £300,000 ($378,456 USD) and owns a 2.99% stake

Good Dog Food has focused on the development of cultivated meat to be used in dog food. The products are made with with high-quality, sustainable, slaughter-free and antibiotic-free ingredients. Conventional meat-based pet food provides important nutrients to pet but also pose a factor to climate change and resources overexploitation. Almost 25% of meat manufactured in the US is used for pet food.

“By creating sustainable, ethical meat from cells, Good Dog Food is able to replace the 20% of meat and fish produced globally for use in pet food,” Mellon explained. “As a dog owner, I have been looking for high-quality alternatives to traditional meat to provide to my dogs. Good Dog Food will do exactly that. It is even more exciting to know that Good Dog Food may accelerate the introduction of cultivated meat to the broader public.”

In order to fight the bad environmental impact of pet nutrition industry, Agronomics has launched Good Dog Food last year in March. Agronomics has invested £150,000 ($189,210 USD) in the fundraising round and intends to bring its total investment to£4.96 million ($6.26 million USD).

In March 2022, Agronomics launched Good Dog Food to help address the pet food and treat industry’s impact on the environment. The company originally invested £150,000 (roughly $189,210 USD) in the founder’s fundraising round. Agronomics plans to continue its support in Good Dog Food, raising its total investment to £4.96 million ($6.26 million USD).

“We’re extremely excited to work with Agronomics,” said Good Dog Food’s CEO Owen Ensor. “Their industry-leading expertise and advice have been fundamental to the ongoing success of Good Dog Food. With their support, we aim to bring some of the first ever cultivated meat products to market and, ultimately, help transform our food system into one that is both sustainable and ethical. Developing products for pet food is the natural starting point.”

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