As of October 18th, a significant development has unfolded: IQI Trusted Petfood Ingredients, a premium supplier of pet food components, has merged with OSI Group, a leading provider of custom value-added food products encompassing beef, poultry, pork, and vegetables. This union propels IQI into a prominent global position within the pet food industry and paves the way for collaborative ingenuity among its suppliers and clientele, as communicated in their official release.

Embracing IQI as a pivotal global collaborator specializing in pet food ingredients and diverse functional elements spanning ten categories, OSI Group now stands at the forefront. These encompass animal protein, fish, omega-3 fish oil, vegetables, as well as groundbreaking components such as algae and fermented soy. Additionally, IQI brings forth its tailored solutions covering every facet, from ingredient sourcing to co-engineering sustainable concepts, providing technical support, overseeing quality assurance and enhancements, to managing storage, logistics, and ensuring distribution to over 60 countries worldwide.

Operating in close harmony with its extensive global network of customers and suppliers, IQI ensures seamless alignment between supply and demand. Their dedicated team of experts actively contributes to the skillful and efficient application of pet food ingredients, employing collaborative methods for the refinement and innovative evolution of products.

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