Current issues like supply chain problems, reduced consumer behaviour, inflation and the ongoing pandemic have also affected Europe’s leading pet store chain Fressnapf. Torsten Toeller said to PET worldwide: We are slightly below target at present, but we are growing in all country markets compared with last year, even on a comparable store area,”

According to Toeller, the company wants to further increase its pet food sales, since this amounts to around 60% of all sales in Fressnapf and Maxi-Zoo stores. In comparison, the sales of accessoires has slightly decreased, especially compared to other countries. According to Toeller, the reason is the “German anxiety”,the feeling that many Germans are afraid oft he future.

Having tried to enter the South East European market, Fressnapf dares to take another step into the Netherlands market. After the acquisition of pet store chain Jumper, the company has bowed out of the Netherlands. Fressnapf is now restarting, planning an aliance with partners in of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

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