According to a recent announcement, Fressnapf will shortly open its 60th store in Hungary.

“A new city always means new challenges but new possibilities as well,” stated the company in a LinkedIn post. The company welcomed the opening in the city of Dunakeszi in the country’s central north.

According to the company, next to Hungary, also Romania has drawn its attention as an “attractive” and “promising” market.

Fressnapf says that Romania has one of the “highest shares of multiple pet holders and pet households in Europe and the majority of the population is open to becoming a pet holder in the future.”

“We are clearly committed to unleashing a new era of pet care for all pet lovers in Hungary and Romania with our great exclusive brands, our evolving range of services and relentless dedication of our specialized teams, bringing our vision of a comprehensive pet care ecosystem closer to them every day,” explained Patrick Bontenakels, Regional Operations Officer for Hungary & Romania to GlobalPETS.

In September last year, the company has already opened the new office in the country and 14 new stores across Croatia and Romania.

Rumors say that Fressnapf intends to open a total of 120 new stores this year. Founder and owner Torsten Toeller revealed that only 20 will be in Germany.

“Most of the growth and the stronger growth will be in the other European countries,” he commented.

Fressnapf’s expansion plans arrange for at least 80 stores in Hungary and more than 100 stores in Romania.

A new Fressnapf will open in the city of Fürth (Bavaria) in 2024, as to a confirmation of a commercial investor.

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