As first bio-organic dog food manufacturer , The Rockster will sell its products to the US. Phillips Pet Food & Supplies is tasked with the distribution to over 120 independent pet retailers.

The Rockster will be the only bio-organic certified dog food in the US that meet strict European organic food standards which only consist of unprocessed, and raw ingredients free from chemicals, antibiotics, pesticides, hormones, and steroids.

When Sven and Zoe Ley have adopted a street dog, named Rockster, from Naples, the couple came up with the idea of founding the company. Both wished to create an organic superfood that support the dogs gut health.

“At Rockster we believe our dogs are our rocks in life, and what they eat is the single most important decision they trust us to make for them,” Zoe Ley stated. “Our family’s commitment to innovation and helping dogs live long and healthy lives is absolute and we hope that our unprecedented transparency is a step in encouraging 100% ingredient transparency in the pet food industry and a reduction in the systemic use of antibiotics in agriculture. No dog was ever born allergic to beef or chicken, and it is tragic to see exponential increase in immune system-related diseases in our pets.”

According to The Rockster uses food science to establish “new standards in ultra-premium food for dogs.” The wet dog food recipes contain various protein sources like salmon, beef, chicken, vension, duck, and lamb.

Next to containing at least 80% bio-organic meat, the recipes are made with superfood fermented Jerusalem artichoke which includes prebiotics. In addition, they are free from peas, lentils, and grains.

The Rockster uses air-tight, BPA-free cans and cooks its formulas with low temperatures maintaining important nutrients and fatty acids.

Contributing to environmental goals, The Rockster’s production is carbon-neutral, its cans are labeled without paper and overall, there is no plastic used in the whole company.

Phillips Pet Food & Supplies was granted the exclusive right to supply the bio-organic products across the US. On its own account, it angled for this partnership.

“Phillips is excited to be working with the Ley Family to finally bring the super-premium Rockster brand exclusively to our customers in the United States,” said Jessica Morris, senior VP of merchandising and marketing for Phillips Pet Food & Supplies. “The Rockster story and the development of this family-operated company are inspiring. The pet industry, influenced by human health and wellness trends, is seeing more health-focused products like Rockster, which is committed to transparency, traceability and the highest quality ingredients.”

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