The pet care startup Filu, based in Munich, will use the investment to open its first location in Munich.

Filu is a hybrid vet practice that unites digital processes, video, and in-person deliberation. This helps making pet care more “personalized and holistic for the growing group of tech-savvy millennials with pets.”

The startup is not aiming to take over practices but following its “de-novo” strategy organizing its practices to support the team and pet parents by using own technology.

“By bundling our technology-enabled practices, a structured data pool, and proprietary software, we are making it our goal to become the primary platform for high-quality pet care,” explained co-owner Christian Köhler.

Filu has recognized the problem of underpayment, high pressure without acknowledgment and analog work that “are taking their toll on medical professionals.”

The company aims to push digitalization in practices and also announced the opening of its practices in other cities after the opening of its first location in Munich

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