According to the US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) forecast, cat food imports in the Philippines will increase by 13% this year. In 2021, imports of dog and cat foods experienced “immense growth”. The biggest importeur is Thailand (36%), followed by the US (26%), and Europe (15%).

It expects dry food, which accounts for the majority of dog food sales, to increase by 9% while cat food will grow by 13%.
According to a study by Rakuten last year, most of the Asian dogs live in the Philippines, accounting for 67% of the population. The company has also the second highest number of cat owners with 43%.

The sales of other pet foods e.g. for birds, fish and small mammals or reptiles have stayed small with around $4 million (€3.7M) since 2017.
Although there is no official data available, experts rate the national pet industry worth around ₱6 billion ($108M).

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