Recently, FEDIAF EuropeanPetFood celebrated with its Annual Congress and AGM the collaboration the GAPFA (Global Alliance of Pet Food Associations) Technical Congress and General Assembly.

All 200 attendees out of members and guests from both organisations who represented over 29 different associations had gotten the opportunity to strengthen and expand their network. The event emphasized the importance of the cooperation supporting the European pet food industry in particular the well-being of 340 million pets.

Next to the release of the FEDIAF Annual Report and annual Facts & Figures paper, expert speakers were invited to the Congress providing insights in the future of the pet food industry. FEDIAF’s President, Rosa Carbonell and FEDIAF’s Deputy Secretary General, Alice Tempel Costa, have welcomed the experts.

Participants were happy to hear a presentation on the EU Packaging & Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) proposal of industry’s leading figure Dr. Wolfgang Trunk, Policy Officer at DG ENVI, European Commission. “An ambitious policy package is indispensable to deliver on the Green Deal objectives, while increasing the economic efficiency in the packaging value chain and possible discharge the consumers”
The exposure to a circular future was debated by Mars’ Senior Manager for Public Affairs Europe Caroline Ploux.
Last, Sustainability Advocacy Lead EMEA at Amcor, Delia Harabula, spoke about the challenges of the Regulation proposal.

Subsequently, Euractiy’s journalist Sean Goulding Carroll moderated a Q&A session. Referring to this, Rosa Carbonell stated: “The debate with Sean was an excellent opportunity for the Pet Food Industry to reflect on the challenges associated with the Packaging and Packaging Waste Proposal. As an Industry, we have united our efforts so that we can provide specific input into the new regulation from a pet food perspective. These are all outlined in our position paper. The debate confirmed the importance of working together to look to the future and ensure that our needs are met.”

Event host and Secretary General of the Belgium Petfood Association (BEPEFA) Elien Van Stichel has concluded the Congress summarizing BEPEFA’s vision and the relevance of joined forces to assure pets’ well-being.

Rosa Carbonell recapitulated: “ The FEDIAF Annual Congress has been a wonderful conclusion to my first year as President. With a focus on sustainability and the Green transition, I look forward to navigating the challenges and opportunities in my second year of tenure.”

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