Pet food industry in Central Asia forecasts an increase of the regional sales because of rising demands.

According to local analyst Andrey Sitnikov, the market is dominated by international brands. The customers of local brands rather don’t invest a lot in pet food products.

With the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the  region began to import premium products according to the new customer behavior. Due to the pandemic situation, the logistics became more expensive.

Generally, in Central Asia, there is a quite high share of pet birds and fish. The region’s residents, prevalently being members of the Islam, are not so into cats or dogs.

“Dogs here are still perceived more as guardians than pets, so they are primarily fed with food waste,” an insider explained why people in rural regions don’t keep dogs as pets.

According to experts, the pet food market in Central Asia follows the one in Russia approximately with a 5 to 10 years delay. Because of the absence of official data, even by local suppliers the market is barely understood.

The local online retailer Zootopia forecasts double the local pet food market volume by 2030.

The Uzbek pet food retailer ZooDoctor stated that the country’s demand is rising. In 2017, plans were leaked out that a Chinese company would build the first production site in the country. But a spokesperson just explained that there is no information available.

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