The KOCH company, founded in 1973, announced the passing of its founder Ernst Koch on January 12th. He published one of the catalogs for animal supplies. “Together with his wife, Ingrid Koch, he built their family business with a great deal of energy, passion and devotion,” says the orbituary.

The business looks back at him as a “well-respected company manager.” “Ernst’s joie de vivre will never be forgotten. There will always be memories of his life through thoughts, pictures, moments and feelings. You will always remind us of him and he will never be forgotten.”

Ernst Koch presented products like a padded harness made of nylon, as well as collars and leashes that are currently produced in the Bavarian town of Landsberg am Lech.

The company is in third generation now, since in September 2020 his granddaughter, Julia Tanz, along with her husband Silvio Tanz took the lead. The company was then rebranded to K.O.C.H. Heimtierwelt GmbH.

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