According to a recent announcement, CropEnergies AG will invest over €100 million ($109.95 million USD) in its subsidiary Ensus UK Ltd. to be used in different projects. One of those concentrates on the production of animal feed rich in protein for aquaculture and pet food markets in the EU and UK.

CropEnergies was founded in Mannheim and belongs to the European producer of renewable ethanol Südzucker Group. The company focusses on the production of sustainable and renewable products. The subsidiary Ensus UK operates as sustainable biorefinery in Wilton, Redcar.

The investment shall increase the subsidiary’s total profitability as well as a reduction of carbon emissions. The main part of the investment (€75 million) will be used to establish a new section „EnPro“ which will produce high-protein animal feed. The new section which will start in 2025 shall further the environmental efforts of Ensus and CropEnergies.

“By turning feed grain into high-protein feed with a wider range of applications, we are diversifying our product range and also helping to address the UK’s protein shortage,” said CropEnergies’ CEO and CFO Stephan Meeder. “EnPro is a product which fits perfectly into CropEnergies’ dedication to a circular economy. We utilize all of our raw materials and refine them into products which benefit the markets in which we operate. We look forward to Ensus adding another high-quality protein feed which is unique in the UK market to the CropEnergies portfolio.”

The rest of the investment will be used to bring the facility to latest standards regarding equipment and emissions.

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