Ensus is in the process of planning a facility designed to manufacture a new high-protein product targeted at the pet and aquafeed industries. Recently, Ensus made public its commitment to invest £90 million ($115M/€105M) in several projects, with one significant project involving the construction of a fresh animal feed facility within its Wilton International facility, situated in the Teesside Freeport region of North East England.

This factory will be responsible for producing EnPro, an innovative high-protein product aimed at serving the aquafeed and pet food markets in both the UK and Europe. The project is on track to be operational by 2025.

Ensus primarily serves the agricultural sector at the moment and isn’t able to provide exact figures regarding its expected production capacity for pet food and aquafeed. Nevertheless, the new plant does anticipate an increase in production capacity compared to the existing facility, which currently yields 350,000 tons annually of protein-enriched distillers’ dried grains with soluble (DDGS). This primarily benefits cattle and pig farmers in the UK.

In terms of the investment required, it is estimated to fall in the range of £60–£70 million ($77M–$90M/€70M–€81.8M). The funding for this facility comes from CropEnergies, Ensus’ parent company and a German biofuel manufacturer.

The EnPro brand aligns perfectly with CropEnergies’ commitment to a circular economy, according to CEO and CFO Stephan Meeder. He also mentioned to “utilize all their raw materials and refine them into products which benefit the markets in which they operate.”

“These major investments are a significant sign of CropEnergies’ commitment to Ensus and the bioethanol business within the UK and Europe,” stated Ensus’ Chairman Grant Pearson, Chairman at Ensus.

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