According to a survey led by the trade association Dibevo and the Dutch Petfood Industry Association, 150,000 households in the Netherlands got a new pet in the last two years. 80,000 of them bought a dog due to to the ‘unconditional friendship’ and to have a more ‘more active lifestyle’.

40% of the informants said that they will always have someone of their family at home whereas 30% acknowledged that their pet will probably stay alone.

The respondents declared different places where they got their pets from. Most of them bought their new family members from national breeders, while others got their pets from online purchasing, family or breeders from abroad.

Repondents who got themselves a new cat rather preferred either taking it from friends and family or animal shelters.

Furthermore, the survey could strike out that consumers mainly buy aquarium fish, rodents and birds in local pet stores.

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