By collaborating with one of the world’s largest e-commerce companies in China, Dogness, a pet accessoires company, has the opportunity to get in touch with its more than 500 million active customers.

Silong Chen, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dogness, stated, “We have worked together for a few years and appreciate the confidence expressed in this latest expansion. This is an ideal omni-channel platform, with over 500 million active customers, and an enhanced marketplace ecosystem proven to accelerate merchants’ growth and operating efficiency.”

“Our partner has high confidence in our products and the Dogness’ brand, and like us, expects our products to sell well based on our category penetration, focus on quality and loyal customer following. Cooperations like this are an integral part of our growth strategy as we focus on retaining and growing customers, further strengthening our logistics capabilities, and continuing to enhance our supply chain to mitigate ongoing global challenges.”

Across all channels, Dogness has installed an integrated sales platform with major customers including, Petco, PetSmart, Costco Wholesale Corporation, Sam’s Club, Trendspark, Pet Value, Walmart, Target, IKEA, SimplyShe, Pets at Home, PETZL, QVC®, and Petmate, and online shopping platforms, such as Amazon,, JD, Boqii Holding Limited,,,,, Tmall and Taobao, as well as live streaming sales platforms hosted by influencers.

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