Because of the investment, the Belgian company producing snacks commences the dog food production now. Around one quarter will be used for a new factory in Antwerp (Belgium).

GOOD !D is a private label manufacturer but still is the owner of some brands. The new product line will form a part of Hupple, one of the company’s brands.

The investor is Taste Invest, F3 Finance and Manuel Goossens, the founder and CEO. The investors want to place in more people, R&D, the development of the brand and new products over a term of 4 years.

The new production line consists in one protein. The salmon dog food, for example, just contains salmon, which is very helpful for allergic pets. Furthermore, Hupple will launch 12 toppings.

As an extra, the business has also deliberated the packaging. The cereal shaped box is fully recyclable.

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