Corbion, based in Gorinchem, the Netherlands, has unveiled an algae-based component, AlgaPrime™ DHA P3, engineered through precision fermentation. This innovation aims to address the escalating demand for Omega 3 fatty acids in companion animal nutrition without relying on conventional marine sources. AlgaPrime™ DHA P3 serves as an eco-friendly substitute for fish oil, a move prompted by challenges in the global fish oil market driven by both supply-demand dynamics and environmental concerns.

The disruption of Peru’s initial anchovy season has exerted pricing pressure on the worldwide fish oil category. Additionally, the demand for wild Alaskan salmon oil, a principal source for pet supplements, has outstripped its availability. Research from Euromonitor International underscores that nearly 70% of pet owners worldwide express apprehension regarding nutrition and climate change. Consequently, ingredient providers like Corbion are exploring alternative approaches to offer value-added ingredients while curbing their environmental footprint.

Tim Rutten, Vice President at Corbion Algae Ingredients, stated, “The launch of AlgaPrime™ DHA P3 furthers Corbion’s mission to preserve what matters by offering sustainable ingredients for healthier people, pets and the planet.” According to Corbion, AlgaPrime™ DHA P3 boasts the highest DHA concentration in biomass powder form on the market, registering at 35% DHA. This ingredient blend incorporates a natural antioxidant system to stabilize the fermented component, applicable in various pet food, treat, and supplement formats including dry, wet, and injection-molded applications.

The production process involves cultivating Omega 3-rich algae from cane sugars within enclosed fermentation tanks. This method enables Corbion to govern stability and palatability, enhance sustainability, and even comply with claims for vegan products.

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