VETRESKA’s subsidiary VETRESKA FUTURE PET FOOD has raised an investment from the Pan-Asian Agri-Food corporation Quest FoF worth $50 million.

“After a thorough analysis of the global high-end pet food and supplies industry, VETRESKA stood out from a number of pet brands with its forward-thinking product concept alongside precise insights into and understanding of the industry’s major trends,” stated Quest FoF’s advisor Tandip Singh.

“This collaborative partnership between VETRESKA, the branding and marketing savant of the pet industry, and Quest FoF, with its resounding affiliation to the leading, Pan-Asian, industrial agri-food company dedicated to upstream feed production and breeding farms across all essential proteins, will bring a new dimension to the pet industry throughout the Asia-Pacific region,” Singh added.

Through investments, VETRESKA has obtained in three funding rounds within the past two years, the company can divide the VETRESKA FUTURE PET FOOD department and its pet supply business into independent enterprises.

“We are very excited to receive this level of recognition from our experienced investment partners,” explained Donald King, CEO of VETRESKA. “Since our inception in 2017, VETRESKA has achieved strong growth worldwide.

“Today as we stand on the precipice of the next step forward as a company, we believe that this new joint venture will not only serve as a catalyst on which we propel ourselves forward, but also the ideal vehicle with which we effectively solve our past upstream deficiencies,” he said. “Our pet supplies and pet food businesses will be spun off into two separate entities and teams, each of which will be led by a more focused and professional team, enabling us to have greater operational dynamism as we look towards the next five years.”

From now on, VETRESKA FUTURE PET FOOD will be responsible for VETRESKA’s pet food department. A planned reorganisation shall increase the company’s brand popularity so that the pet food products can be distributed to customers all over the world.

VETRESKA FUTURE PET FOOD will receive support by its parent company VETRESKA. VETRESKA will provide partners in sourcing, manufacturing and proccessing to help its pet food brand builing up a supply chain for overseas. Obtaining aid from research institutions, veterinarians and their institutions from all over the world, VETRESKA FUTURE PET FOOD has the opportunity to follow consumer trends.

VETRESKA has aimed to expand in international pet markets. Through former investments, the company could set up its headquarters in Singapore establishing a personnel team focussed on direct-to-consumer (DTC) channels, branding, marketing and business development. After opening another office in New York in August, VETRESKA has also presented itself on SuperZoo 2022.

After the establishment of its Amazon flagship store, the brand has already cooperated with retail chains from throughout North America, Southeast Asia, Korea and Japan.

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