By 2026, the protein company Calysta and the feed distributor Adisseo aim to extend the production possibilities of sustainable protein in the Middle East.

In order to build a fermenter with 100,000-ton-capacity in Saudia Arabia for the manufacturing of Calysta’s new proteins, the cooperation “Calysseo“ and Food Caravan, a project development enterprise, have partnered.

The new factory, situated in Al Jubail, 460 km from Riyadh, will start operating in the end of 2026.

“This would be our second industrial-scale plant and an important step in delivering enough sustainable protein to meet growing and pressing global demand,” stated Alan Shaw, CEO, President, and co-founder of Calysta. According to Shaw, the company is ready to “rapidly scale up and meet that demand.”

The protein of Calysta can be used in feeds for pets and livestock in various global markets.

The Ministry of Investment of Saudi Arabia and the National Industrial Development Centre also endorse the building oft he new plant.

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