Pet food and treat producer BrightPet Nutrition Group will acquire the raw pet food manufacturer Raw Advantage. The company intends to enter the Oregon-based manufacturer’s US West Coast operations that might “open doors to high-growth opportunities both domestically and internationally.”

In addition, BrightPet can establish new production sites in the Midwest and East Coast for its kibble, baked traits and freeze-dried foods.

According to CEO Dave Kowal, the companies’ intention is to join forces to provide premium productions for the customer’s “high standards.”

After reports of financial analysts Market Watch saying that the frozen pet food sector “looks promising over the next 5 years.”

Growing demand for freeze-dried and frozen raw pet food led to this strategic takeover by BrightPet. The company aims to secure its position as innovative pet product supplier.

Backed by A&M Capital and Partners, BrightPet could acquire three coompanies by now. Last year, it took over the raw food business Bravo.

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