Bmmune®, a cultivated and patented ingredient by CULT Food Science Corp., was scientifically validated because of its high nutrional value in pet foods. Bmmune increases protein industry standards and can be used as an alternative to common animal protein. The ingredient consists of nutritional yeast and fermented ingredients.

A third party, that tested Bmmune, has confirmed the ingredients outranges standards established by Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) containing twice as much protein and a high amino acid profile.

Furthermore, Bmmune can be produced environmentally friendly avoiding the use of fresh water or high carbon emmissions.

“Our testing confirms our Bmmune® ingredient is a true alternative to conventional proteins, a single ingredient that soars past stated AAFCO minimums and stacks up against popular animal proteins,” said Joshua Errett, who serves as vice president of product at CULT. “This is premium nutrition without the environmental harm — a future-proofed pet food.”

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