Ingredient manufacturer BENEO has revealed its new high-quality, non-GMO plant-based proteins for pet foods and treats. The company has developed ingredients out of rice protein, vital wheat gluten, and faba bean protein concentrate. Each products has different nutritional and functional advantages.

Results of the company’s report “Consumer Research on Attitudes Towards Pet Food in US, Brazil, UK, Germany & China 2021” have shown, that consumers regard plant-based pet food as healthier and pet food processors have issues with availability and affordability of meat-based products. For this reason, BENEO has started developing vegetal proteins.

BENEO’s rice protein contains a protein density of 80% and is hypoallergenic and easy digestible which makes it a great solution for pets with allergies, puppies, and older pets. Furthermore, the protein provides methionine, cysteine, phenylalanine and tyrosine amino acids that help pets to grow in a healthy way.

The company’s vital wheat gluten comprises the same protein density and features glutamine and tyrosine. As nutritional benefit, the ingredients can support the reparation of damaged cells and preservation of fur color. Another benefit for pet food processors is its strong viscoelasticity which can improve pet food texture. Since it can absorb water, it is suitable for any kind of pet food formula.

BENEO’s faba bean protein concentrate can be used for grain-free products since it is a great alternative to animal- and soy-based proteins. The concentrate is easy to mix with other proteins. Containing high contents of glutamine and arginine, the ingredient will increase the formula’s palatability and help growing inessential pet cells. Furthermore, the concentrate provides functional benefits since its solubility makes it easy to be used in wet formulas.

Next to functional and nutritional advantages, the faba bean protein concentrate can be easily cultivated and locally sourced which is an important feature for consumers watching sustainability and carbon emissions.

All of BENEO’s new proteins provide high digestibility: rice protein and faba bean protein concentrate reached a nearly 90% score while vital wheat gluten scored over 90% in digestibility.

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